Maker Profile

I decided to do my maker profile of my friend Rob. Rob does many things! Not only does he do civil war reenactments and is an avid long-boarder, he also welds and rebuilds cars! He has always been interested in making things like accessories for his car (which he’s customized!) and a spud cannons (which is an actual thing) and he has a passion for cars and motorcycles. With a happy disposition and a love of everything mechanical, Rob is the kind of guy that will probably rebuild your car engine and actually enjoy it!

“Welcome to my garage, this is where the magic happens!”
“I always have grease on me, it practically stained my fingers.”
“I’m making a skateboard rack for my car… Why not have a skateboard rack for your car?”
“Wait, are you really telling me you’ve never seen a spud cannon? I’ll go get mine and we can shoot it down the street!”
“Personality portrait? Storytelling element? How about I just get my sword and my musket and you can take a cool picture of me in front of my car!”

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