Campaign Posters

For this assignment, we had to make Campaign posters. I made these ones on photoshop since I feel more comfortable in photoshop and I was able to use it efficiently.  I decided to do this campaign because it is something near and dear to my heart. It is inspired loosely by murals I would see in San Francisco down in the Mission District. I chose the birds to represent freedom and what we can all end up being, in the metaphorical sense. I chose the barbed wire to represent the prison we are apart of in society without equality. I chose the colors for the first one based on this sense of hope, that we are all hoping for equality to just happen and to keep a positive outlook/ I chose the colors for the blue one to show it’s a thing that has to be done, we should all persevere towards the goal of equality instead of living in a black and white society.  I chose the font ‘Big Caslon’ because of the cleanliness of it and the little serifs, it also looks really convincing. In the end, I think the blue one is the one I prefer since it is more powerful compared to the yellow one, it conveys the message more boldly.

Here are all the hexadecimals I used:

Yellow: #f3f162

Blue: #32349a

Black: #010101

White: #ffffff

Grey: #7d7872


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