Maker Profile

I decided to do my maker profile of my friend Rob. Rob does many things! Not only does he do civil war reenactments and is an avid long-boarder, he also welds and rebuilds cars! He has always been interested in making things like accessories¬†for his car (which he's customized!) and a spud cannons (which is... Continue Reading →


Campaign Posters

For this assignment, we had to make Campaign posters. I made these ones on photoshop since I feel more comfortable in photoshop and I was able to use it efficiently. ¬†I decided to do this campaign because it is something near and dear to my heart. It is inspired loosely by murals I would see... Continue Reading →

My 20 Best Tweets

I made a storify for my 20 best tweets for my Journalism 108 class! I had so much fun tweeting and contributing to the class! These tweets are some of the best content I can come up with and actually be proud of! Here's the link: My 20 Best Tweets

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